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Apple Varieties in Miapple collection (May 2013).

Table of General Varieties A to D.

Variety................................. Flower Group Source/Origin.... Description................................................................... References
Abas 2 Australia mid sized early-mid season fruit, red with dark red stripes, crisp and juicy dessert apple, not quite as sweet as Gravenstein but keeps better. Fruits biennially few fruit every second year  AG
Adams's Pearmain (Lady's Finger) 2 UK medium trunc/conical, greenyellow with faint orange flush and red streaks - sweet aromatic season late to very late M Smith
Akane 3 Japan medium flat/round  bright red , white flesh sweet, crisp : Jonathan X Worcester Pearmain MC
Albany Beauty 3 USA Red skinned sport of Gravenstein - if so must be triploid AAA
Alexander 3 Ukraine Large interm/conical yellow striped flushed red flesh sof t red sweet M Smith
Alfriston 3 UK Originated Sussex UK, Cooker, medium oblong bright green/yellow apple, cream flesh sharp, cooks with pear like texture and flavour.  M Smith
American Mother 3-4 USA medium truncate/conical yellow w streaked crimson russet dots flesh crisp yellow sweet M Smith
Anna 1 Sf Israel Low Chill, conical red cheeked - flesh mild sweet-sharp May flower twice per year and produce 2 crops per year in the tropics. Has flowered in September and February at MIApple Farm producing a second crop of very small apples. MC/ AG
Antonovka Polutorafuntovoya 2-3 Russia Intermed to flat,truncate-conic with prominent ribs, greed skin with buff flush, greenish white flesh, subacid. M Smith
Atalanta 4 Holland tall rectangular, skin yellow with orange-red stripes, dotted and netted russett, subacid M Smith
Australian Beauty 3 Australia Thought to be a seedling/sport of Granny Smith with similar crisp flesh and flavour. Grove
Baldwin 2 USA Triploid, Multi purpose keeps well medium/large yellow flushed red, red stripes  M Smith
Ballarat Seedling (Stewarts) 3 Australia Large rectangular, green/yellow w pink flush : flesh coarse hard green/white - very late M Smith
Bec d'Oie France Medium tall conical slt ribbing pale green yellow feint flush and stripes, sweet, late to very late.
M Smith
Bedfordshire Foundling 4 UK Cooker large flat/conical yellow/green w orange flush : flesh yellow soft subacid M Smith
Beauty of Bath 2 UK Self fertile, medium flat/rectangular yellow flushed w red stripes: flesh yellow stained red sweet season early M Smith
Beauty of  Stoke 5 UK Medium truncate/conic green yellow w brown flush, coarse creamy flesh subacid M Smith
Belle de Boscoop 2 Netherlands Triploid, High vitamin C medium large flat/rectangular yellow flushed red w russett - late M Smith
Belle de Magny France Intermediateto flat, whiteyellow with bt red flush and russet dots - subacid - very late M Smith
Berner Rosen 3 Swiss Medium rect to trunc-conic shape, yellow/green with dark red flush and stripes subacid M Smith
Bess Poole 5? UK intermediate to flat, trunc-conic to rectangular, yellow with red flush, flesh dry, sweet aromatic, fruits late, flowers late. M Smith
Bismarck 2 Australia Large, flat to intermediate, trunc-conic,ribbed; skin yellow with red flush, mottle and streaks, some russett; flesh crisp white subacid - ripens mid to late  M Smith
Black Ben Davis (Gano) 2 USA Med to large, flat conic; skin pale yellow covered bright red with dark red flush; crisp subacid, very late. M Smith
Black Coal (Hoover) USA Large intermediate, dark red dotted - crisp white acid - late M Smith
Black Winesap (Kinnairds Ch 4 USA Syn Kinnairds Choice Orrigin in Tennesee - Limbertwig x Winesap. Medium size yellow-orange with red stripes and splashes. Yellow flesh juicy and flavoured.
Blenheim Orange 3 Oxon UK 1740 flat rounded green/yellow with orange flush and few red stripes  little russet, flesh pale cream, sweet, crumbly nutty flavour, cooked - stiff puree  one of best allrounders Triploid High VC. / A Gilbert suggests it may also be known as Red Normandy in Australia M Smith
Blue Pearmain 3 USA Medium Red flushed with dark red stripes, smooth sweet, aromatic M Smith
Bonza 3 Australia  originated in Batlow south of Canberra in 1950's , fruit medium large mid season red and crisp and sweet dual purpose apple, tip bearer, diploid with good shelf life. CW
Boswell 5 Australia Medium/small fully red: flesh crisp juicy subacid-sweet fair keeper CW
Brabant Belle Fleur 4 Flemish/Dutch Med to large intermediate trunc conic; greenish yellow with orange red flush and red stripes; crisp yellow white flesh, subacid, flowers and ripens late M Smith
Braeburn 3 Sf NZ Large oval yellow w scarlet flush and crimson stripes: creamy flesh juicy crisp: biennial M C
Bramleys Seedling 2 Trp Notts UK1809 cooker, flat rounded, green/yellow with orange flush and broad red stripes, flesh white/green sharp, cooked has strong acid flavour,pale cream with puree texture. Sharp juice or cider. M Smith
Britchel 5? Flat round medium sized, green with russett around stem area, firm crisp juicy, average sugars, bitter astringent acidic taste. Flowers late, harvest early. Oak/Grove Tas
Brittle Sweet 3 USA Med/large intermediate/trunc-conic yellow flushed red: flesh yelow crisp sweet M Smith
Burgundy 4 USA Stunning colour dark burgundy over bright pink; flesh stained pink, crisp and sweet M&R
Bushy Grove 2 UK Med to large; flat trunc-conic ribbed; skin pale yellow with red flush and stripes; subacid M Smith
Calville Blanc D'Hiver 4 France? Med/large flat conic prominantly ribbed, yellow with light red flush, sweet, subacid, aromat M Smith
Campbeltown Russett 4 Australia Tas Large with even brown russett skin ripens early brisk aromatic frm Campbeltown Tas BobMagnus
Carroll Canada Med-large, Lt green w red stripes M C
Carrington Early 1 Aust Early small red ripe by Christmas in hot December season in Australia: flesh white bland Badgers
Castle Major UK Blossums, large int/trunc/conic green/yellow pink/brown flush w russett: flesh soft greentinge M Smith
Catshead 3 UK Tall/trunc/conic yellow/green w brown flush: flesh tender white sweet subacid late M Smith
Cellini 4 UK Multipurpose, medium large int/trunc/conic green/yellow mottled and streaked red, flesh pink M Smith
Chandler 3 USA Large flat/rectangular yellow w red flush and stripes: fleash greenish white rich subacid late M Smith
Chenago Strawberry 4 USA Medium tall/conic yellow w flushed red: flesh tender firm white subacid mid-season M Smith
Climax 4 flat trunc-conic ribbed at apex; skin greenish yellow with orange red flush and darker streaks; flesh soft mealy creamy white with slight sweet M Smith
Coral Crab 2 Small dark red/orange crab apple: Flesh yellow subacid sweet - From Rippon Lea AG
Cornish Aromatic 4 UK Dessert medium flat/trunc/conic yellow flushed orange/red deeper red stripes: crisp sweet M Smith
Cornish Gilliflower 4 UK Dessert medium int/conic green w orange/yellow flush some russettt: flesh yellow sweet  M Smith
Court Pendu Platt 4 Sf Italy Medium flat/rectangular yellow flushed dull red w russett: flesh firm crisp sweet perfumed M Smith
Cox's Orange Pippin 3-4 UK fruit meduim round conical, yellow/gold with orange red flush and red stripes. Flesh deep cream, sweet and aromatic, nutty honey spice flavour. For eating juice or cider M Smith
Cox's Pomona 3 UK Large flat trunc-conic greenich yellow w mottled crimson - thought sister to Coxs Orange M Smith
Crofton 3 Australia Tas Medium int/trunc/conic green/yellow flushed deep red crimson stripes: flesh white sweet M Smith
Crotin 3 Ex Pete the Permie - Description NEEDED to be confirmed
Crow(s) Egg USA Syn. Black Gilliflower -Medium round yellow/green flushed bronze with russett dots. Flesh white crisp sweet good flavour.Ex Pete the Permie -  M C
De Blanquier Ex KR description NEEDED
Delicious Starking 4 USA Medium int/trunc/conic green/yellow w red flush and stripes: flesh ceeamy white sweet M Smith
Democrat 3 Australia Medium int/trunc/conic green/yellow w carmine flush: flesh green/white subacid very late M Smith
Des Boveurs Ex KR description NEEDED
Devonshire Quarrendon 2 UK Medium flat rect.; skin pale green yellow with brownish red flush; crisp sweet subacid M Smith
Discovery 4 UK Large flat rect to truc/conic pale green flushed bright red, crisp yellowtpink flesh subacid M Smith
Doctor Hogg 4 UK Large int/conic yellow flushed pale red w slight stripes and russett: flesh white sweet subacid M Smith
Dorsett Golden 1 Sf Bahamas Low Chill/ Espalier Golden-yellow fruit Sweet, Juicy sub acid G/Del cross - Described by Brogdale  as green/red apple - further identification NEEDED A Gilbert
Doux Amer Gris (Maigrillou) 3 France Acquired as a cider variety with unique grey/green colour in the leaves, the MIApple tree fruit is large with grey/green colour and orange/brown flush.Flavour is sweet/sub-acid and makes good eating, cider, cooking and juice - we think it is a good allrounder. Matches colour paintings on internet. www.
Duke of Clarence Medium round green with dark burgundy over colour. Sweet creamy flesh. Was widely grown commercially in Tasmania in the 1950s. Normal chill time, Ripens late. Woodbridge Tas
Dumelows Seedling 3 UK Cooker, medium flat rectangular, pale yellow mottled dull red, acid, cooks to soft puree M Smith
Dunns Seedling 3 Australia Kew, Melbourne, Large, intermediate flat to trunc connic, pale yellow w pink, crisp sweet M Smith


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